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Vle.mathswatch.co.uk is an online educational tool that is used in across 2,000 schools in the UK. Initially, Mathswatch started off delivering video based mathematics education. With technological advancement, they began offering their services online at vle.mathswatch.co.uk . Mathswatchvle is a great prep activity. All topics at GCSE are covered at Mathswatch. Those who are struggling to improve on their math skills will do well with Mathswatchvle.

How to log in to Mathswatchvle

  • You can log on to MathsWatchvle at https://vle.mathswatch.co.uk/vle/ by entering your usernam and password.
  • Students will be able to log in by making use of the username and password that has been assigned to them by the school. Every student has a unique username and password.
  • Students can review their marks and details of the assignment completed in the past
  • They can receive message alerts from Mathswatch
  • They can view online videos and they can practice questions

The virtual learning environment provides with administrative tools in the Mathswatch log that covers for the following:
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Add videos from and to link to Vimeo account
  • Create questions and answers for practice
  • Use the questions thus created for homework and test
  • Create freeform questions with facility for children to type long answers and to evaluate and
  • assign marks depending upon the value of the content
  • Ability to connect to users of Mathswatch by sending alerts and messages
The virtual learning environment provides with student tools in the Mathswatch log that covers for the following:
  • Create log in for students and to permit them to log in automatically to their respective classes
  • Create assignments from past questions
  • Setting tasks for homework
  • Setting test sessions
  • Interim assignments to be completed within deadlines and time limits
  • Marking all the assignments automatically
  • Reviewing marks on a per class and per student basis
  • Facilitates to review marks on the basis of questions
  • Downloading color keyed spreadsheets to mark students who are struggling
  • Helping in administering and controlling the school, class and other details of the student

Successful Results

More than a million students have been using this log in ever since the launch of this platform. Around 33 million questions have been answered in the very first year of the operation of this app. All schools using this log in are happy with the results and they have provided positive feedback. Several new students are singing up for this log in impressed by the results produced by the practice lessons and test sessions provided by this log in. Cookies are used in this website in order to facilitate quick service. Several new features are being planned to improve the output of results and will be added shortly. It is only wise for students to make use of the complete features offered by this website by repeatedly working out the problems and sums provided in this website. Students will be able to move forward by improving on their math skills by clearing up the day to day issues they face with mathematics.